Friday, 2 October 2015

Teacup Chandelier Tutorial

So for a while I've been obsessed with chandeliers and Alice in wonderland as you know, I've been creating an Alice themed dining room but didn't want it to be tacky so wrote a list of ideas that tied in the theme is a subtle way, One thing on the list was a tea cup chandelier and it has took me forever to finally get around to making it thanks to having a huge never ending list of other projects and a darling toddler.
So here's my tutorial on how I made it!


- x5 tea cups and saucers - Home bargains
- Working Chandelier
- 30ml diamond drill bit - Ebay
- pillar drill

1). First I got hold of an old glass chandelier and gave all the crystals and glass a good clean up as it was very old and dingy! Then tested that it actually worked.

2). Choose and buy 5 teacup and saucer I choose to go for different patterns I got these from home bargains for less than £15 all together and they with stood the drill very well.

3). mark the cups and saucer to make sure they will fit perfectly over the stem. Then use the pillar drill and diamond drill bit to slowly cut into cup and saucers. 
4). Finally give them all a good clean and place the saucer then cup over the stem and it finished!

Leave any comments if you have any similar ideas for my Alice Theme :)