Friday, 2 October 2015

Teacup Chandelier Tutorial

So for a while I've been obsessed with chandeliers and Alice in wonderland as you know, I've been creating an Alice themed dining room but didn't want it to be tacky so wrote a list of ideas that tied in the theme is a subtle way, One thing on the list was a tea cup chandelier and it has took me forever to finally get around to making it thanks to having a huge never ending list of other projects and a darling toddler.
So here's my tutorial on how I made it!


- x5 tea cups and saucers - Home bargains
- Working Chandelier
- 30ml diamond drill bit - Ebay
- pillar drill

1). First I got hold of an old glass chandelier and gave all the crystals and glass a good clean up as it was very old and dingy! Then tested that it actually worked.

2). Choose and buy 5 teacup and saucer I choose to go for different patterns I got these from home bargains for less than £15 all together and they with stood the drill very well.

3). mark the cups and saucer to make sure they will fit perfectly over the stem. Then use the pillar drill and diamond drill bit to slowly cut into cup and saucers. 
4). Finally give them all a good clean and place the saucer then cup over the stem and it finished!

Leave any comments if you have any similar ideas for my Alice Theme :) 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cosy Living Room Inspiration

Its been a while since I posted last, I've been having a right mare with technology at the moment my laptop screen has decided to break along with my phone so I apologise, But all is back on track now and I've made a little Cosy Living Room Inspiration Board this is also a little wishlist for me to. I'm going to add a few tips that I have picked up on the way.


1). Always hang your curtains high it gives the effect of a bigger window ,higher ceilings and a more grander appearance.

2). Changing you light switch to a dimmer is always a good way to create a warm, soft, homely glow to any room, also adding some lamps  and cluster of pillar candles. I've added a link to some cheap candles and silver candle tray which I'm obsessing over at the moment!

3). I'm loving the colour grey at the moment and think it creates the perfect cosy feel, My walls are currently pastel green which I'm not to keen on but being private rented there's nothing I could do about it :( however if I could a pebble grey is a must for the walls with a border and millwork panneling at the bottom all in white.

4). Soft colours for decor, rose pinks, pale blue, all shades of grey, whites and creams are all among some faves of mine.

5). Lots of duck feather cushions scattered around and a basket of throws for them cold winter nights.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Thankyou for reading and if you have any ideas or wish to comment please do below :) 
Jenny xx

Friday, 21 August 2015

Brooche picture

A few weeks ago I was looking through my Nan's Brooches my mum had stored and it seemed a shame them being locked away and wondered how I could use them and thought I would put them in a picture frame to display some of them.


  • Shabby black mirror - £3.99 home bargain
  • white paint
  • paint brush
  • linen material
  • brooches
  • pencil 
Time Taken

2-3 hours allowing paint to dry 

Putting this is all together is very simple first I painted the frame white as the shop didnt have any white ones in stock, you can choose which ever colour you like, I then bought half a metre of linen and attached one side to the mirror.

Next I placed all the brooches in a heart shape and made faint dots with a pencil under each broche.

I then attached the brooches onto the linen which was very fiddly and took a few attempts of re-arranging.

 Lastly I attached the rest of the material tightly to the mirror and put the back onto the mirror and was finished!

Leave your comments below on your thoughts :D xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kitchen Wishlist

Recently I changed my Kitchen theme from red and black to cream country farm style which ties in great with my cream tiles around my oven, White barn door and butler sink. I've only just started buying a few storage items so far from B&M which is a great place if you change themes as often as I do!
Here is a picture of my kitchen so far and I've listed a few items on my wishlist to pick up in the next few weeks or months when ever I'm not majorly skint!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Boys Present Inspiration

On Sunday 23rd it is Archies 2nd Birthday and of course the first thing that come to mind is what on earth do I get a two year old who already has so much! Especially as 1) we don't have a lot of space and 2) sorting through his toys from last year and Christmas I realised he doesn't get a lot of use out of them! So I decided to donate a lot of his toys ,especially the big ones like sit and spin zebra ( which he's never bothered with unless another child shows interest of course!), To make space for the next lot.
I've decided to make a little board of some things I've seen and will be getting Archie also for anyone who is struggling for ideas :) 

1). Chicco my first balance bike
2). Animal farm tub
3).Chad Valley football set
4).Mister Maker craft set
5).Inno Tab 3s
6). Wooden pirate ship
7). Wooden play kitchen
8). Heave Ho Thomas DVD
9). Spider man my first scooter
10). Toddlers Helmet

Feel Free to add any other ideas for the readers in the comment box :D

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fave Apps + SItes

Hi Guys
I am self confessed online addict I've either got my phone in my hand or on my laptop and tablet pretty much all day every day! So I thought I would give you a little insight on some of the online shops and Apps I use through out my day; 


1.                                                                  2.

4.                                                       5.


7.                                                             8.

7.Free prints app

If you know of any other sites or apps that are similar and would like to share then please do :D

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Look Back On Archies 2nd Year

I've Just finished wrapping all of Archie's Birthday presents ready for his 2nd Birthday on the 23rd. I'm still in shock that my handsome little boy is going to be 2!!!  Which has led me to look back over his past year and see how much he has grown and share it with you guys. I already know this post is going to take me forever to write purely because every 5 minutes he's having a tantrum about something and everything

13 Months

Although Archie took his first steps a few weeks before his birthday he wasn't very confident until now and there was no stopping him, he was starting to get the jist of nearly running but didn't quite no how to stop yet so watching him bump into everything had it's funny moments, This month we also celebrated my fathers birthday so he had great fun with all the family and lots of playing in the garden as we had a sudden heat wave and started to attempt roley poleys. He also got his bedroom re- decorated to white as it was originally lilac when we moved in.

15 Months

He had his first wee on the potty !!! :D it was a one off  -.- this was still a huge achievement as he was petrified off his potty and was getting used to it being around and sitting on it a lot more.
We celebrated my nephews birthday and it was the first time Archie properly interacted with other children normally he would of been glued to my side. We also see Archie's manners return this month he started saying "tah" again for everything. We took a trip to our local garden centre to see the Christmas display and went to an event called 'Christmas Sparkle' to watch the Christmas lights be switched on  to cheer him up as he had an almighty 6 teeth come through in 2 days poor kid.
At the end of the month he learnt to say his name and weren't afraid of telling everybody in Asda it as well.

17 Months

New Year and apparently a new child, Archie had dramatically changed over a matter of weeks! He was starting to put two word sentences together and becoming more and more independent, not wanting to go in his pushchair anymore, wanting to feed himself with a spoon and fork MESSY, Role playing with his teddies.

19 Months

Archie got yet another bedroom make over!  He also made the very scary exchange from cot to a big boy bed and took to it great in a week we had a few sleepless nights but he soon got used to it and was asking to go to bed. We celebrated my beautiful nieces wedding and got a hilarious photo of Archie with me and my dad that I had to put on here. His speech came on leeps and bounds and is now putting sentences together and can say over a 70 words, he also counted to 3 this month.


21 Months

 Archie had his first trip to the seaside and we went to Hunstanton and typical it was freezing but he loved none the less, luckily it warmed up before we left and we went paddling and he found it hysterical, really couldn't get enough of it! It was a really sunny month so we had a lot of garden play in the paddling pool with his big cousins and I knocked him up a chalkboard table which he loves.

 23 Months

Gardening and chasing my mums cat has all this month has consisted of really, he truly is obsessed with the cat it's his best friend they follow each other every were, As soon as he wakes up he asks for the cat the only way he will leave the park is by telling him we will see Misty! He had his first hair cut ( check out my previous post for tips on first hair cuts ). He's learnt the true meaning of yes, no and why and don't we all no it!We also mastered the potty yay :D and much to my surprise it only took 5 days and we've had no accidents since apart from when he tried to take the potty to the toilet :/ Now its for the potty to pants next so if anyone has any tips that would be great.

Sorry for the Essay of a post it was more for me to reminisce on his 2nd year :) I will be writing another post soon with his list of Birthday presents if any of you need ideas :) 

Thankyou for reading 
Jenny xx

Monday, 3 August 2015

Classic Car Show

Yesterday our local council ran a car show which bought everyone from the community together to show off their pride and joy vintage cars, I would list some of the cars but to be quite honest for someone who done motor vehicle engineering at school I don't have the slightest clue what they were!
The event was at Castle Fields which is literally 400 yards from my front door, Bonus!! They had lots ranging from bouncy castles and activities for the kids to shabby chic up-cycled furniture, vintage sweets stools and cupcake stands.
Archie loved it as soon as we walked through the gates he was shouting and pointing at all the cars he was in his element.
We are really lucky were we live as through out the year a lot of events are hold at the Castle Fields we've had car shows, Medieval Days, Circus, Fun Fair, Christmas Sparkle.

Friday, 31 July 2015

First Hair Cut

Eeeekkk Archie had this first hair cut today! This was an appointment I have been dreading for a very long time! It's only been this year that his hair started growing and really it needed a cut a few months ago but I was so worried about taking him. Archie has always ran a mile as soon as I get the hair brush out and if on a off chance I'm lucky enough to get near him with it he will have a right fit screaming and messing his hair back up again.
So all week I've browsed the internet for tips on making the appointment go as smoothly as possible and these are the following tips I found and used them with Archie and I was soo happy and relieved when he sat perfect and didn't make a sound :D Very happy mum!
Here is what  done but of course each child is different and other ways may suit you:

  • Opted for a home appointment so he was used to his surroundings
  • All week I've been saying to him about having " big boy hair like daddy"
  • Used his high chair for him to have his hair cut in instead of on my lap ( the original plan )
  • Asked for just a scissor cut instead of clippers as he is quite scared of loud noises like them
  • Gave him a colouring book and pack of crayons
  • Everytime he tried to touch his hair I asked him to play round the garden + tiny turtle on my hands so his little fingers got distracted
  • After we brushed him down I got him a sticker as a reward for sitting so well.
Excuse the pictures aren't very good
Hope some of these tips help you with your child's first hair cut :D 
Please do share some of your tips and stories in the comment box, I would love to hear them xx 

Archie Before                                                                                            Archie After 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Alice In Wonderland Bookcases

When we moved we had this tall black bookshelf which was quite un-slightly in my dining room as the theme for this room was white and sky blue, but we had been given it for free from a house removals and was a shame to just take It down the tip. A few days later I was browsing Pinterest as usual and came across a unit that had been de-coupaged, HOW had I NEVER seen this before!!!! Straight away I knew exactly what to do with my book case. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a before picture you will soon see I'm terrible for this as I'm so eager to get to work.


White gloss
Pva glue I prefer to use this instead of mod podge plus I have tons of it
Paint brush's
Old store card
Sand paper
Material of your choice for de - coupaging

1). First I got to work cutting the bookcase in half with a jigsaw and sanded it all down ready to be painted.

2).I then undercoated both half's and glossed just the shelves as I decided to keep these plain.

3). I ordered an old vintage Alice In Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass book which resulted in me sitting by the door like a mad woman waiting for the postman! Once it arrived I got to work pulling all the pages out and neating them up with some scissors, then arranging them on the bookshelf.

4). I got work painting small coats of pva on the unit and on the back of the paper and gently placed it down using an old store card to push all the air bubbles out, then gave one thin coat over the paper ( make sure you don't slop this on as it will either rip the paper or make it wrinkle).

5). Lastly I waited for it all to dry and gave it all a few coats of varnish. I accessorised it with a white Rabbit lamp from Asda for £25, Picture frames from Wilkinsons and some photo albums from Home Bargains for £2.99. I've now got some more blue ornaments and will take another picture to update on here. 

Please leave feedback, all tips are welcome :D,default,pd.html