Monday, 17 August 2015

Boys Present Inspiration

On Sunday 23rd it is Archies 2nd Birthday and of course the first thing that come to mind is what on earth do I get a two year old who already has so much! Especially as 1) we don't have a lot of space and 2) sorting through his toys from last year and Christmas I realised he doesn't get a lot of use out of them! So I decided to donate a lot of his toys ,especially the big ones like sit and spin zebra ( which he's never bothered with unless another child shows interest of course!), To make space for the next lot.
I've decided to make a little board of some things I've seen and will be getting Archie also for anyone who is struggling for ideas :) 

1). Chicco my first balance bike
2). Animal farm tub
3).Chad Valley football set
4).Mister Maker craft set
5).Inno Tab 3s
6). Wooden pirate ship
7). Wooden play kitchen
8). Heave Ho Thomas DVD
9). Spider man my first scooter
10). Toddlers Helmet

Feel Free to add any other ideas for the readers in the comment box :D

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