Thursday, 6 August 2015

Look Back On Archies 2nd Year

I've Just finished wrapping all of Archie's Birthday presents ready for his 2nd Birthday on the 23rd. I'm still in shock that my handsome little boy is going to be 2!!!  Which has led me to look back over his past year and see how much he has grown and share it with you guys. I already know this post is going to take me forever to write purely because every 5 minutes he's having a tantrum about something and everything

13 Months

Although Archie took his first steps a few weeks before his birthday he wasn't very confident until now and there was no stopping him, he was starting to get the jist of nearly running but didn't quite no how to stop yet so watching him bump into everything had it's funny moments, This month we also celebrated my fathers birthday so he had great fun with all the family and lots of playing in the garden as we had a sudden heat wave and started to attempt roley poleys. He also got his bedroom re- decorated to white as it was originally lilac when we moved in.

15 Months

He had his first wee on the potty !!! :D it was a one off  -.- this was still a huge achievement as he was petrified off his potty and was getting used to it being around and sitting on it a lot more.
We celebrated my nephews birthday and it was the first time Archie properly interacted with other children normally he would of been glued to my side. We also see Archie's manners return this month he started saying "tah" again for everything. We took a trip to our local garden centre to see the Christmas display and went to an event called 'Christmas Sparkle' to watch the Christmas lights be switched on  to cheer him up as he had an almighty 6 teeth come through in 2 days poor kid.
At the end of the month he learnt to say his name and weren't afraid of telling everybody in Asda it as well.

17 Months

New Year and apparently a new child, Archie had dramatically changed over a matter of weeks! He was starting to put two word sentences together and becoming more and more independent, not wanting to go in his pushchair anymore, wanting to feed himself with a spoon and fork MESSY, Role playing with his teddies.

19 Months

Archie got yet another bedroom make over!  He also made the very scary exchange from cot to a big boy bed and took to it great in a week we had a few sleepless nights but he soon got used to it and was asking to go to bed. We celebrated my beautiful nieces wedding and got a hilarious photo of Archie with me and my dad that I had to put on here. His speech came on leeps and bounds and is now putting sentences together and can say over a 70 words, he also counted to 3 this month.


21 Months

 Archie had his first trip to the seaside and we went to Hunstanton and typical it was freezing but he loved none the less, luckily it warmed up before we left and we went paddling and he found it hysterical, really couldn't get enough of it! It was a really sunny month so we had a lot of garden play in the paddling pool with his big cousins and I knocked him up a chalkboard table which he loves.

 23 Months

Gardening and chasing my mums cat has all this month has consisted of really, he truly is obsessed with the cat it's his best friend they follow each other every were, As soon as he wakes up he asks for the cat the only way he will leave the park is by telling him we will see Misty! He had his first hair cut ( check out my previous post for tips on first hair cuts ). He's learnt the true meaning of yes, no and why and don't we all no it!We also mastered the potty yay :D and much to my surprise it only took 5 days and we've had no accidents since apart from when he tried to take the potty to the toilet :/ Now its for the potty to pants next so if anyone has any tips that would be great.

Sorry for the Essay of a post it was more for me to reminisce on his 2nd year :) I will be writing another post soon with his list of Birthday presents if any of you need ideas :) 

Thankyou for reading 
Jenny xx

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