Friday, 31 July 2015

First Hair Cut

Eeeekkk Archie had this first hair cut today! This was an appointment I have been dreading for a very long time! It's only been this year that his hair started growing and really it needed a cut a few months ago but I was so worried about taking him. Archie has always ran a mile as soon as I get the hair brush out and if on a off chance I'm lucky enough to get near him with it he will have a right fit screaming and messing his hair back up again.
So all week I've browsed the internet for tips on making the appointment go as smoothly as possible and these are the following tips I found and used them with Archie and I was soo happy and relieved when he sat perfect and didn't make a sound :D Very happy mum!
Here is what  done but of course each child is different and other ways may suit you:

  • Opted for a home appointment so he was used to his surroundings
  • All week I've been saying to him about having " big boy hair like daddy"
  • Used his high chair for him to have his hair cut in instead of on my lap ( the original plan )
  • Asked for just a scissor cut instead of clippers as he is quite scared of loud noises like them
  • Gave him a colouring book and pack of crayons
  • Everytime he tried to touch his hair I asked him to play round the garden + tiny turtle on my hands so his little fingers got distracted
  • After we brushed him down I got him a sticker as a reward for sitting so well.
Excuse the pictures aren't very good
Hope some of these tips help you with your child's first hair cut :D 
Please do share some of your tips and stories in the comment box, I would love to hear them xx 

Archie Before                                                                                            Archie After 

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