Saturday, 25 July 2015

Alice In Wonderland Bookcases

When we moved we had this tall black bookshelf which was quite un-slightly in my dining room as the theme for this room was white and sky blue, but we had been given it for free from a house removals and was a shame to just take It down the tip. A few days later I was browsing Pinterest as usual and came across a unit that had been de-coupaged, HOW had I NEVER seen this before!!!! Straight away I knew exactly what to do with my book case. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a before picture you will soon see I'm terrible for this as I'm so eager to get to work.


White gloss
Pva glue I prefer to use this instead of mod podge plus I have tons of it
Paint brush's
Old store card
Sand paper
Material of your choice for de - coupaging

1). First I got to work cutting the bookcase in half with a jigsaw and sanded it all down ready to be painted.

2).I then undercoated both half's and glossed just the shelves as I decided to keep these plain.

3). I ordered an old vintage Alice In Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass book which resulted in me sitting by the door like a mad woman waiting for the postman! Once it arrived I got to work pulling all the pages out and neating them up with some scissors, then arranging them on the bookshelf.

4). I got work painting small coats of pva on the unit and on the back of the paper and gently placed it down using an old store card to push all the air bubbles out, then gave one thin coat over the paper ( make sure you don't slop this on as it will either rip the paper or make it wrinkle).

5). Lastly I waited for it all to dry and gave it all a few coats of varnish. I accessorised it with a white Rabbit lamp from Asda for £25, Picture frames from Wilkinsons and some photo albums from Home Bargains for £2.99. I've now got some more blue ornaments and will take another picture to update on here. 

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