Friday, 10 July 2015

Here It All Begins

Let me introduce you into my bonkers constant day dream of a life; I started this blog as a get away, a place to share my life, home and ideas with others.

I left home and got my First apartment with my partner when I was 19 years old and that's where my obsession on up-cycling began! As most teens we didn't have a lot of money but also had a shopping list as long as my arm of furniture and accessories to match our modern apartment, so what do you do you up-cycle and create it all yourself and of course I became addicted!

I become a mum when I was 20 in 2013 to my awesome little boy Archie who I didn't realise would quickly become my best friend! Having already been working in a nursery looking after babies I thought I knew exactly what I had to come ... How WRONG was I !!!You don't experience the sleepless nights to last until... well actually they've never stopped, The refusal to eat because there dinner isn't in the right bowl the list goes on however as every mum will agree you will NEVER change a thing! 

Shortly after we moved back to my home town to my dream home ( which took  months of persuading the other half). Karl and my friends couldn't understand how small features such as a door knobs, butler sink, and barn doors could make me love a house so much! But as a perfectionist like me these things made me fall in love and quickly our new house became a home for us three.

Tell me abit about you or share a link of your blog :) 

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