Sunday, 12 July 2015

Wooden Letters

This is a project I done a few months ago, I found the idea off Pinterest and knew straight away exactly were it would go in Archie's bedroom, Luckily I have a brother who works in a timber yard and am able to get wood for free but if you go to your local timber yard and ask for their off cuts I'm sure you can get some for free or for a very small fee.

 What you need
Wood - Free off cuts from Travis Perkins
Paint - £1 tester pots from wilkinsons
Masking tape - £1
Glue gun - £5.99 hobby craft 
Blue ribbon - 50p from knit and sew

Time Taken
This took me a few days as I had to work around my sons nap times but if you have a day free it should take a day giving time for the paint to dry.

1).  Firstly I cut the wood into smaller pieces to make it easier to work with, then drew out the letters on each piece. I had some stencils already printed out so that made it easier. I then drew out different patterns on each letter ( which is VERY time consuming as said before I'm a perfectionist and like every detail to be right to the mm ).

2). Next I masked the patterns off on the letters which again is very time consuming! Then began painting them in baby blue and pebble grey ( this took 3 coats) . I however advise doing the painting after you have cut the letters out as the vice I was holding the wood in left marks over the letters fortunately for me it actually left them with quite a shabby effect but I obviously can't promise that for everyone.

3). I then cut the wooden letters out using a jigsaw and began joining each one to each other using ribbon and a glue gun. I measured each bit of ribbon out equal and glued each one together then created a triangle hook out of the ribbon for the top letter to let it hang. 

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