Friday, 10 July 2015

Picnic Day

July 9th 2015

Today we went on a little adventure and picnic to a beautiful place called Stanwick Lakes, We are very lucky were we live we are close to some great country parks! We decided to walk to day as it was a beautiful day! It's only a 20 minute walk which is great and quite a pretty walk past the lakes and locks which is a bonus as Archie loved seeing the ducks and yes we had to stop for him to say hi to every single one and then bye to what seemed every stone he saw!

Stanwick Lakes is great for families of all ages they have a lovely play area which is full of sand and wooden climbing frames one for more Archie's age, and two more older ages. Archie had an awesome time exploring them all and he even started to join in with the the older school children building sand castles who were there on a trip! This is extremely un-like him as he is sooooo shy he won't even talk to any visitors at our house he will just run and hide! so it was lovely to see him joining in splashing in the little brook that was created in between each play area ( note to self never take him there head to toe in next white clothes big mistake!! there ruined ).

If you choose to you can hire out bikes or boats to go round the lakes, There is an adventure trail with loads of little stops perfect for a rest or picnic and each stop has different activities ranging from bird spotting huts to assault courses and zip wires. 

Here is a link for their website to get more info ...

Have you managed to enjoy these lovely summer days ?  

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